Concerto Series B♭ German Baritone

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  • 0.551″ Large Bore
  • 9-2/5″ Yellow Brass Bell
  • 3 Rotary Valves System

This is called an “oval” baritone because the bell follows the natural wrap of the tubing and points to the left of the player. This instrument has three front action, mechanical linkage, rotary valves for a quiet yet quick valve response. The large bore gives a full sound and the oval wrap provides an excellent tone color.

Silver Plate or Brushed Lacquer: $1200

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  1. I’m pretty certain that is a German baritone or possibly Bb tenorhorn but NOT a Wagner tuba. Although oval, they are not the same instrument. Wagner tubas are left handed for french horn players and have a thin lead pipe to accommodate a horn style mouthpiece.

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