AdVance Series Phase IV “Latin” B♭ Trumpet Featuring Copperonze Bell

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  • 0.469″ Large Bore
  • 5″ One-piece hand hammered Benge 5X Coppronze Bell
  • Reversed White Brass Lead Pipe with Round “D” Tuning Slides​
  • Carbon Blasted Monel Pistons

Featuring our newly developed Copper/Bronze hybrid Benge 5X bell. The copper mixture softens the Bronze without losing the unique Bronze “ring” in the upper register, while maintaining the beautiful copper finish. Similar to our Phase II model but with a unique twist. Great for Latin jazz and Mariachi.

Brushed Lacquer Lacquer $1700
Polish Lacquer $1700

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  1. Is the ADVANCE SERIES PHASE IV B♭ TRUMPET FEATURING COPPERONZE BELL similar to the Phase II model Lead or Commercial?

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