AdVance Series Phase III “Jr” B♭ Soprano Bugle featuring DEG/Powerbore Bell

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  • 0.469″ Large Bore
  • 5-1/4″ Specially formulated Gold/Yellow Hybrid Brass bell with One-Piece Hand hammered Compact Shepherd’s Crook
  • Reversed white brass Lead Pipe with round “D” tuning slides
  • Carbon Blasted Monell Pistons

The “Junior” features the bell flare of the Powerbore G (DEG) bugle with a brighter lead sound.  

$1800 Brushed Lacquer Gold Brass Bell
$2000 Silver-Plate Gold Brass Bell
$2600 Gold-Plate

5 Replies to “AdVance Series Phase III “Jr” B♭ Soprano Bugle featuring DEG/Powerbore Bell”

  1. Love the horn. The valves are being a bit sluggish. Have had the horn for a while so all I ask is what is the price for a set of new valves. Please email me asap with a price. Don’t want to return the horn, just a new set of valves. Please let me know. Rick Roenne

  2. Just in case and I almost forgot, the serial number of the horn is ADT00394. If it’s any help. Let me know. Thanks, Rick

  3. I too have problems with the 1st valve sticking. I’ve tried everything except taking it to the repair shop. However, much to my surprise, and at a suggestion from a band member, 3 ‘N One oil works fabulously! The valves love it and they work perfectly! Whoda thunk!!

    1. Update: I used a needle file to very lightly dress up the valve guide slots. Now the valves slide smooth as glass and no more sticking. I have switched to UltraPure oil, and the valves work smooth and fast. This trumpet has a “big” voice and the more I play it, the more I like it!

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