AdVance Series Phase II Commercial B♭ Trumpet

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Edición comercial

  • 0.469″ Large Bore
  • 5″ One-Piece, hand hammered light weight French Bead Bell
  • Reverse White Brass Lead pipe
  • Carbon Blasted Monel Pistons with Benge Style Buttons/Caps

With a light weight flat-rim French Bead bell, the AdVance Commercial trumpet offers a slightly brighter sound with an ultra fast response perfect for indoor ensemble or studio sessions. This bell is produced in the US with North American brass to achieve the “American” studio sound.

Brushed Lacquer $1700
Silver-Plate $1800

Limited Production due to the special bell.  Contact for availability

2 Replies to “AdVance Series Phase II Commercial B♭ Trumpet”

  1. Hi,
    I’m interested in this horn. Do you have in stock?
    Do you have additional picks, (specially the valves)
    Thank you

    Julian Herrero
    West Babylon, NY

  2. This is about all trumpets available. 1. I was wondering which of these trumpets is best for jazz band. 2. Is there any way to get any trumpet here with the black laquer even if it doesnt have the option?

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