AdVance Series Phase II LEAD B♭ Trumpet​

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Edición Plomo (Lead)

  • 0.469″ Large Bore
  • 4-7/8″ One-Piece, hand hammered Gold Brass Bell
  • Reverse White Brass Lead pipe with Two Tuning Slides
  • Carbon Blasted Monel Pistons

The AdVance Series B♭ Trumpet is designed for power players who desire a big lead sound. With our unique hybrid brass, it packs a punch no other trumpet from its class can match. This is our best selling model.

Brushed Lacquer $1600 
Silver-Plate $1700

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  1. Hello could you plate it in copper like the ADVANCE SERIES PHASE III JR. B♭ SOPRANO BUGLE? And on top of that could you also make the places where you put your fingers (I forgot the name) all rings like on the third valve slide. Thank You!

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